Honeybee 1.1.0 learning resource


I am new to the Honeybee environment and was earlier using EP+ for simulations. Can anyone please point me any learning resources (videos/posts/articles etc) to learn the new HB 1.1.0 version. So far, all I have encountered online are the previous version tutorials which are not so relevant for this new case.

I am familiar with EP+ and IDF editor, but would like to take advantage of Rhino/GH environment for better experience.



There isn’t any “official” tutorial series out there, yet (like the Legacy plugins have). Searching Youtube will get you hits here and there, but getting up to speed is harder that way - I started like that, and it took me a lot more time than it should’ve…

Although the components are a bit different, I don’t think that watching “older” videos would be a waste of time - a lot of tips and tricks and general issues are discussed that span way beyond what to plug into what. Also, the legacy plugins have more features for now (I’m not sure how the Therm and Window integration would be implemented anytime soon into LBT 1.x, for instance).

I recommend the Performance Network series, which is a really structured approach to get going. Also, if you support Ladybug Tools on Patreon, you get access to the “official” videos, but I find it would be better to start with the other one, although the latter is cheaper - if budget is tight for this.

This one is really comprehensive:

These are also good, but I found them a bit harder to follow (audio quality is just horrible on a few videos) - read further how to get acces to the Vimeo group with the videos:

Thinkparametric also has some videos to give you some idea:

These are the ones I’ve watched, plus countless Youtube videos - but often they show some weird specific workflow. Look for Chris’s or Mostapha’s channel.

If you desperately want to start with LBT 1.x, watch this:

Yes, there are differences in workflow, and LBT 1.x is more abstract in a sense, but you won’t miss anything by learning the basics “the old way”. :slight_smile: In my opinion, of course, I could be wrong.


Hey Furtonb

Thanks for your answer and for sharing your experience.

I will have a go at the older videos, to begin with. The links you shared also contain resources from previous versions. Do share any other resource you are made aware of anytime.

Thanks a lot

Hi @mz,

In the download folder there is a folder called: “samples”
Next to the video tutorials mentioned by @furtonb they can be verry helpfull.




Thanks @Erikbeeren

Didn’t notice that earlier

As I said earlier that I am new to the HB platform, and earlier used SKP and IDF editor to do my simulations. In the past few days of my learning this software I have realized that to run a simulation on HB a lot of inputs are needed and connections too (not to forget).

Somehow I still find the earlier platform convenient (although probably its just because I am not familiar with this one). Would anyone be kind to share a project of theirs (about 25,000 sqft with 2-3 zones). Any kind of building or its use would do. I just want kind of a reference for how to develop my setup. Don’t mind if its NV or MV

Thanks a lot

Hi @mz, have you seen the examples on Hydra. There are several examples for energy simulation including this one: http://hydrashare.github.io/hydra/viewer?owner=chriswmackey&fork=hydra_2&id=Full_Building_Energy_Simulation&slide=1&scale=1&offset=0,0

Thanks for your message @mostapha. Will check them out.
Yeah I did visit the website, although I think I didn’t explore it properly