Workshop Recording Summarizing the New LBT (1.1.0) Plugin and Pollination

Hello All,

We’re happy to be posting a recording of a 3-hour workshop we performed last month on the features of the new LBT Plugin as well as the Pollination cloud service that we have been developing to connect to this plugin.

Here is the link to the full workshop recording:

And a copy of the workshop slides can be publicly accessed here:



Thank you @chris for this insightful overview!

This is fantastic!!
Thanks @chris

Hi Chris,
Please, Where can I find the examples of the workshop?
Et merci encore for ur effforts

Good question, @Aziz.BOUKARA . The sample files for Pollination that we used at the end were broken almost immediately after the workshop ended as we’re still making big changes to the Pollination cloud service before we start early access for it (should be soon). So it wouldn’t be useful to share the pollination sample files but I can share the ones that were just for the LBT plugin (the files used in the first 2 hours of the workshop):

Bear in mind that this workshop was delivered back when the official release was 1.0.0 so you’ll probably want to run the “LB Sync Grasshopper File” to update them to whatever version of the LBT plugin you currently have installed.

Merci Chris… tu es au top mon ami.

Hello, Mr. @chris,

Thank you very much for uploading the files. I have tried to use the uploaded files, but most of the components have become red as the image shows, although a geometry (a simple box) has been assigned to the first component. The warning sign of “HB Intersect Solids” has said “1. Solution exception: Failed to import ladybug_rhino: No module named ladybug_rhino.intersect”.
I was just wondering how this problem could be solved.

Thank you

This page has provided the solution to the problem.
Thank you very much for that.