Honeybee 1.4 windows operation and Energy Management System


I am trying to simulate a naturally ventilated model in Honeybee 1.4. I would like to be able to open the IDF file that is generated, simulate it in Energyplus, and to be able to make certain configurations. Does anyone have an idea why Honeybee does not allow to define the open or closed (0 or 1) windows and uses EMS? On the other hand, when I try to open the IDF file in Energyplus, it shows me the error that I leave in the image below. Does anyone have any ideas?

in.idf (735.2 KB)
consultaHoneyBee.gh (676.8 KB)

Thank you very much community!

I don’t know where you heard this from. Honeybee will use the EnergyPlus EMS whenever you are modeling natural ventilation by means of the HB Airflow Newtowrk component. That’s really the only way that you can control the window opening of the AFN using schedules and room temperatures.

In any event, the message that you get there from the IDFEditior is because the IDFEditor is incapable of opening certain valid IDFs. You can get around this by editing the IDD file that ships with EnergyPlus. More information on this workflow can be found on the UmentHours forum here:

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