Honeybee cannot find OpenStudio

Dear all,

I’m at my wits end with this. I have Rhino 6, Ladybug tools 1.6.0, and Open studio 3.5.0. I have also tried Open studio 3.4.0 for good measure. I followed all the installation directions here (several times): 1.1 Windows Installation Steps · ladybug-tools/lbt-grasshopper Wiki · GitHub
Open studio is saved here: C:\Users[USERNAME]\ladybug_tools\ on my computer. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Ladybug tools several times and that also didn’t help.

No matter what I do, Honeybee cannot find Open Studio on my computer. Note that I cannot use Rhino 7 because my other necessary plugins are incompatible with it.

Please help.
Thank you!!!

Hi @DD,

Have you tried the Pollination Grasshopper Installer?

It’s free!

Thanks, Charlie. I have Karamba as a part of my script, but I will try that.

No worries, my general advice to people is to wipe everything you can find LBT wise from your PC, and then install using the Pollination Grasshopper Installer. That way you should have a very clean set up and are much less likely to hit those type of errors.

Great! Can pollination work with other GH plugins like Karamba?

Yep, it’ll work exactly the same as LBT does alongside other add ons, you can ignore the Pollination specific components completely if you want, it just includes all the LBT and dependent software in a nice easy to install package.

Chris sets out the details for it well here

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Thank you so much!! Do I need to install openstudio as well, or is the aim of Pollination to eliminate that by running energy simulations on the cloud?

Also, I’m very confused about HB-legacy. Do I need to install that as well?

I understand your confusion :slight_smile:

There’s a couple of aspects of Pollination. One is cloud computing, the other is model (including geometry) handling (through the Rhino/Revit plug ins). You don’t need to use cloud computing, it’s just an optional extra.

If you only use open studio (and radiance) through Ladybug tools then I’d recommend also uninstalling those before installing the pollination grasshopper plugin.

I’d recommend ignoring anything related to HB legacy and LB legacy and just building your scripts off of ver1 onwards.

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Thanks, Charlie. I uninstalled everything (LBT, Openstudio), and installed Pollination. Good to know I don’t need to also install the legacy tools.

Everything appears to be working with my original script now, which included LBT, OpenStudio export and connected to other gh plugins!! I only needed to swap out a few widgets. Thank you so much for bailing me out on such short notice on this.



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What if I don’t want to use Pollination?

EDIT: saving in “C:/Users/[username]/ladybug_tools/openstudio” (all folders such as bin, EnergyPlus etc. should be in this folder) seems to work (I had /open-studio which did not work)