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Hi @chris. I encountered some difficulties performing simulation with “Run OSM” Component with modified OSM file (modified in OS app and then saving as .osm file)
I want to bring your attention to some key points in the workflow :

  1. To edit an OSM file in OS app (preferably HVAC) we need to generate an OSM file before running a simulation through Honeybee ( as in the legacy version with “Write OSM”). In HB_energy the “write” input only writes JSON & OSW file before a simulation.

  2. When I simulate a model through “HB Model to OSM” and use the OSM file path to simulate it again in “Run OSM” component it runs perfectly fine.

  3. If this model is edited using OS App (preferably HVAC) and saved as OSM and the edited file is rerun with “Run OSM” it throws an error.

    MIX_MODE.gh (176.0 KB)
    I hope I was clear in explaining.

@Asisnath ,

Read the description on the _run input of the “Model to OSM” component. If you plugin in the integer 2, the component will only do the translation to OSM/IDF and not run the IDF through EnergyPlus.

The reason why you get the error in 3. is because, when you save an OSM file from the OpenStudio App, the App will automatically divorce the OSM from the original EPW file and save a new copy. This was resulting in the OSM file being unable to find the EPW when you went to run the OSM the second time around. I added a line of code into the “Run OSM” component that resets the EPW to the correct one:

So everything should work now in the attached file.
MIX_MODE_CWM.gh (169.3 KB)


Thanks @chris for showing the way. I apologise for not reading the detail in run input. I actually as in legacy also was focsung on “write” input rather than run part. So i missed reading the detail.
Thanks for updating that i will update with versioner and will check the workflow again and let you know. Thanks again for your timely support.

@chris. After the update Honeybee and OS app is nicely synchronizing with changes and working seamlessly. Thank you again.

No worries. With the LBT plugin, we changed the translation to OSM to be a part of the run_ process now instead of the _write process and I realize it’s a little confusing but it’s very helpful for the cases where I just wanted to write a bunch of parametric models and then translate + run them in parallel. Now, the write process only produces Honeybee JSONs of the model + simulation parameters and an OpenStudio workflow (.osw). The .osw references the Honeybee JOSN model and can be executed to produce an IDF and an OSM.

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Hi. I am running into a similar error when trying to re-run an osm after editing it in the Open Studio Application. I have plugged in “2” into the run input for the Model to OSM component:

I am using version 1.1.0 and also tried using the version in the file that Chris posted (1.0.1) but ran into the same error.

Are there any other updates or steps that I might be missing?

You can try updating your LBT to latest release 1.2 and check the compatibilty matrix. If an error exists, please share your gh definition to check.

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Great answer. I am doing some similar energy simulation.It helped me a lot,