Honeybee Energy simulation multiple errors

Hi everyone, i’m following the amazing tutorials made by @chris but i’m stuck on the 6th of honeybee about running the energy simulation.

The error is this one :

  1. Current document units is in Meters
  2. Conversion to Meters will be applied = 1.000
  3. Runtime error (MissingMemberException): ‘hb_EPZoneSurface’ object has no attribute ‘coordinates’
  4. Traceback:
    line 5693, in checkChildSurfaces, “”
    line 5907, in checkZoneSurface, “”
    line 5559, in evaluateZones, “”
    line 1646, in main, “”
    line 2367, in script

I’m preatty sure the error is from the “honeybee glazing by ratio” output, because i’ve tried to bypass it by inserting directly the hbzones from “honeybee Masses to zone” and it works.

Ive searched in a lot of discussions but i haven’t figure out how to fix it. In one discussion i found out that using openstudio could work but neither that one works in my file.

I hope someone can help me to continue these tutorials. :slight_smile: :sunny:

Have a nice day2018-01-15_ERROR03_ladybug honeybee.gh (588.6 KB)
2018-01-15_ERROR_model.3dm (3.9 MB)

I tryied to continue with the tutorial n.7 but the first component Honeybee_Read Ep results gives me this error :slight_smile:

  1. Failed to parse the result file. Check the folder of the file address you are plugging into this component and make sure that there is a .csv file in the folder.
    If there is a file with no data in it (it is 0 kB), your simulation probably did not run correctly.
    In this case, check the report out of the Run Simulation component to see what severe or fatal errors happened in the simulation.
    If the csv file is there and it seems like there is data in it (it is not 0 kB), you are probably requesting an output that this component does not yet handle well.
    If you report this bug of reading the output on the GH forums, we should be able to fix this component to accept the output soon.

My idf file contain around 1.7Mb so it should something else i suppose!

I hope to fix all this problem!

below you can find these new file (rhino is the same as before) including in.idf and csv

Thanks2018-01-15_ERROR04_ladybug honeybee.gh (596.1 KB)
in.idf (1.8 MB)
inZsz.csv (216.1 KB)

hi @Fuzzy,

  1. A closed air volume is necessary for energy simulations
  2. Read EnergyPlus result component was provided with the wrong input.
    2018-01-15_ERROR04_ladybug honeybee.gh (583.4 KB)
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@devang . Thank a lot for your help!!
The first configuration that i tryied, i thought was a closed volume but probably i made some mistake, the second one you are right was open ( i’ve just tried to see what happend)
I’ve seen you used different components compared to the tutorial i’m following, it is because tutorial was made 4 years ago and now those components are old? sorry but i’m a new ladybug user and i get confused with these updates, (thanks also for updating ladybug)

Are there some new tutorial i can follow? or i can continue with those made by Chris Mackey, but i’m a bit afraid to make some mistakes with these updates and new components !!

Grazie :blush:



No problem. Good to know you are getting started with Ladybug Analysis tools.
I have used the Open Studio component instead of EnergyPlus. You can use EnegyPlus component as well. Please make sure you are using either latest stable or the updated version of a component.

The tutorial series on Youtube that you are following is a really good resource. Though it is old, @chris goes into great detail to explain how the workflow shall be set up in Honeybee to successfully run energy simulation. I would recommend sticking with that and finishing it first. In my view, this series of tutorials is still very much relevant.

A relatively new tutorial series can be found on the PerformanceNetwork website. This tutorial series is not free, however.

Lastly, please do not be afraid to use the latest component. You’ll get the hang of them pretty quickly.

Best wishes!

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