Honeybee energy simulation vs. IESVE energy simulation 1

Hi all,

I’ve got a question on this one. Hope anyone could help with.

Is there a question here @YD ? I just see a bunch of screenshots in your post there an no actual questions.

Hi @chris , for this one, IES will have different settings for HVAC system. I am wondering if the following settings are also available in Rhino?

The detailed HVAC systems that EnergyPlus uses are much more sophisticated than what those particular menus in IES show. It almost looks like those IES menus are just referring to some type of Ideal Air System and multiplying the results by an efficiency or EER. In this case, you can basically get all of those parameters between using the HB Ideal Air System component along with some post-processing of the results to multiply things by the efficiency.

However, if you want to model a “real” system, you should use some of the other components under the 4::HVAC tab and you can edit everything down to the performance curves of pumps, fans, chillers, etc. in the OpenStudio Application or with a little bit of scripting with the OpenStudio SDK like what you see here.

Thanks for your explanation!