Honeybee EnergyPlus -999 error


I’ve been trying to simulate the energy performance of a room using Honeybee and Openstudio components to no avail. Every time I run it, I get the value -999 for all the parameters. I’m using Openstudio 2.8 and the latest honeybee components. Openstudio 2.9 and above, unfortunately, invoke ‘ModelCorePinvoke’ error in my system.

Unsure of the cause, I would appreciate any help regarding this


Energy Simulation.3dm (185.9 KB) Energy Simulation.gh (975.3 KB)

@madonnamnm ,

That does not look like a CSV from EnergyPlus. My guess is that you are using Colibri and your simulation is just not running at all for those cases where you get -999.

Also the latest honeybee on Food4Rhino works with OptnStudio 2.9. You can also get around by the OpenStudio 3.0 PINVOKE error with the following:

Hi @chris,

Thanks, Openstudio 3.0 is now working on my computer. Unfortunately I’m still getting the same error. Any suggestions? I tried the same Colibri script for other daylight simulations and they seem to run just fine.