Honeybee Glare Analysis Issue

Hi there, I get some problem when studying using daylighting simulation with honeybee. I can get the Luminance_files, but when I want to do the glare analysis the component becomes red.

I have checked my evalglare.exe like GlareAnalysis and FalseColour Components not Working had mentioned, but it still can’t work.
Can anyone help me to find how I can solve the problem?

@WoodyHe can you share the HDR image?

Also can you open the component and report the full error message?

Hi mostapha, here is my HDR image: unnamed_IMG_v1.HDR (215.1 KB)
and I think the error message may be nothing more than the picture mentioned?

Hi,@WoodyHe Your HDR file worked fine on my computer.

Yeah, the file worked fine on my friend’s computer too, but not on mine… He said maybe there is some plug-in I miss, but I can’t find it…

hi @mostapha , my file is attached. Could you please check it for me? It’s very nice of you.

Hi,@WoodyHe I can’t see your file.Please check it.

Hi, you mean my grasshopper file? It’s here:woody_daylighting.gh (493.3 KB)
Thanks a lot.

Hi, @WoodyHe Your grasshooper file worked fine on my computer. I suggest you update honeybee to latest version.And You should use Radiance Version 5.1 or above for daylight analysis.

Hi Mr. Yin, sorry for late respones for my poor network environment. I reinstalled the Radiance(though the former version is 5.1) for version 5.2 and the component got worked.
Thank you again for your help!