Honeybee - merge ill files in one file


as per title, very simple question:

How can one merge multiple .ill files created when running radiance analysis with multiple CPU in honeybee?


They are just csv files with no header. If you use readAnnualResults I component it automatically does it for you. Are you looking to a command/script to do that?

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I would like to export have in one file, with the same structure of the ill files, so that I can do some further post-processing outside grasshopper.

any way I can do that?


For that case you can run this command inside the folder to create a merged.ill file from all the files that ends with ill in that folder.

copy /b *.ill merged.ill


my ill results file are like:

hour_1, value_point1, value_point2, …, value_pointN/number_CPU_used

hour_2 value_point1, value_point2, …, value_pointN/number_CPU_used

hour_8760, value_point1, value_point2, …, value_pointN/number_CPU_used

The command you suggest merge them staking them on top of each other.

but I would rather have something that stack on the side (without the time), i.e. a ill file with the value for all the points.

I guess I can do with some small scrips, but I was wandering if I can do this automatically in grasshopper/honelybee