Honeybee runenergysimulation error

Honeybee runenergysimulation error: 1. Solution exception:HBHivegeneration

Hi, I am trying to run an radiance energy simulation but I am having an issue with the runenergysimulation. Attached below shows the error " 1. Solution exception:HBHivegeneration " when i turn on the boolean toggle at _writeIdf .

May I know how do I solve this error?

Also the version of my energyplus is 9-3-0 - if this is an issue, may I check where is the link to download a lower version such as 8-7-0?

Attached below is my rhino 7 file and gh script and the version of honeybee i am using is 0.0.66
HoneyBee Tutorial (3rd Attempt) backup.3dm (200.2 KB)
Honey Bee Tutorial (3rd Attempt) 0.0.66 version.gh (177.3 KB)

You connected the simulation outputs to HBGenerators_ instead of simulationOutputs_. Try fixing that first then check if you have issues with your OpenStudio/EnergyPlus version.

The legacy version of honeybee is compatible with OpenStudio 2.9.1/EnergyPlus 9.2.0 which can be installed here:

Hi Ken, noted I have connected to simulationOutputs_ and now I do not have an issue with writeIdf when I Switch On the boolean toggle. However, when I Switch On the runEnergyPlus , I am getting an error shown in the image below:


(I wasn’t able to attach a second image)

-----Continuing from the post above-----

Below is the enlarged panel for your preview:

May I know how to solve this new error? Thanks!

I didn’t have that error when running the model on my end.

This error happens sometimes when you have the wrong version of EnergyPlus installed. From the error log, it seems like you also have EnergyPlus 22.1 installed. Do you possibly have the latest version of OpenStudio installed on your computer?

I would recommend you only have OpenStudio 2.9.1 on your C:\ drive so honeybee can recognize the compatible version of Energyplus. Otherwise, updating to the latest version of Ladybug tools allows you to use the latest version of OpenStudio and have better version control in general.

Hi Kentakahas,

Thanks for your reply and I tried installing Open Studio 2.9.1 and uninstalling Open Studio 3.4.0 but I am having the issue “1. you need to let both Ladybug and Honeybee fly first!” which appears at the 1st and 2nd image.

1st Image

2nd Image

When I tried to update ladybug and honeybee, It shows the same error “1. you need to let both Ladybug and Honeybee fly first!” shown in the 3rd image.

3rd Image

You need to insert the Ladybug_Ladybug (and probably the Honeybee_Honeybee too) component on the canvas.
… BUT … why are you using the Legacy instead of the new (and better) LBT?

Hi Abraham,

Noted I manged to update both Honeybee and Ladybug but there is an issue as shown in the image below when I try to run the energyplus simulation.

I tried Honeybee 1.0.0 but I ran into issues also

The error is telling you that you didn’t provide an EPW file. I see that you connected something there but this is probably not a EPW. Check it.

Hi thanks Abraham and Kentakahas,

I am able to run the EnergyPlus_ finally after I removed any spaces or special characters in the file path of the weather file.

Previously my weather file was: AUS_VIC.Melbourne.948660_IWEC (1)

Changed to: AUS_VIC.Melbourne.948660_IWEC

Credit: I found the solution on another question in the forum ( Weather Simulation requested, but no weather file attached )

And this allowed the simulation to finally work!

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