Honeybee[+] update old scripts error

Hi @chris , I updated both legacy and [+] version and was trying to update one of my honeybee[+] script to latest component. I tried to use ladybug sync Grasshopper file component but it didn’t update the existing components. Does this need an update. And lastly even the honeybeeplus update component throws an windows error while toggling it to true.

@Asisnath ,

I apologize that the “LB Sync File” was in the release (it’s only applicable to the newer plugins that are still under development and not released yet). It should not have been there and I will remove it from the Food4Rhino zip file download now.

To Update your old definitions, you should be using the “Ladybug_Update File” component that appears in Ladybug legacy.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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Thank @chris for the prompt reply. Yes that worked :+1:. Do you suggest something on the update honeybee + component error?

Thanks @Asisnath . Sorry I missed that on the first read. There were some bugs in the HoneybeePlus update component given all of the moving around / renaming of folders that we have been doing recently. The version that comes with the Food4Rhino .zip file should be fixed now.

Here’s the fixed userobject if you don’t want to go through the whole re-download process on your end.
HoneybeePlus Installer.ghuser (6.2 KB)

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@chris Thank you for such prompt fixes and now it works completely fine. I think this is stable now. You and your team doing a marvellous job. Keep inspiring us :+1: