How can I creat a split system air conditioner in honeybee (Ladybug Tools 1.4)?

hello, everyone!

I have downloaded Ladybug Tools 1.4 recently, and i want to create a split system air conditioner with no ventilation in honeybee. However i can’t find the corresponding templates in HeatCool HVAC Templates, should i choose residential heat pump instead of it?

Hey @kanshan ,

For a case like this, I would recommend using the VRF system type under the HeatCool HVAC Templates. Admittedly, VRF systems tend to be a little more sophisticated in their controls when compared with residential mini-split systems (if that’s what you mean by “split system air conditioner”). But the VRF HVAC templates have separate outdoor and indoor units just like residential mini-split systems and many people refer to VRFs as “split systems”. So I think you can trust that the results you get with VRFs will be close to those from the actual HVAC system type you are imagining here.

Hey @chris

Thanks for your kind reply, I think VRF systems are very close to split AC systems and can be used in some cases. However, there are still some questions, for example, VRF is usually one outdoor unit connected to several indoor units, so the power rating of the outdoor unit is higher than traditional split AC system, will it affect the accuracy when modeling the energy consumption of only a single room?

I don’t know if I understand your question correctly but you can ensure that each Room gets a separate outdoor unit by grafting the input to the “HB HeatCool HVAC” component like so: