How does Honeybee calculate the infiltration rate?

I am trying to understand infiltration rates in Honeybee and am running into the following problem:

We specify the infiltration rate in m3/s per area of exposed facade. However, if I get Honeybee to output the ZoneInfiltrationStandardDensityVolumeFlowRate, the numbers don’t align with what I would expect (note that this is a single zone building with no windows):

Is this the wrong output to be looking at, or am I calculating the expected infiltration wrongly? Or, am I missing another factor altogether? (559.0 KB)

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Hi @MaxMarschall Roof also has infiltration, you should include it when calculating total surface area. You might be seeing a small difference between input InfiltrationRate and output results, I am not 100% sure the reason, but my guess is the input InfiltrationRate is a value tested under static pressure at 4 Pa, whereas the output InfiltrationRate is reported under various pressure.

Here is what I got from your file:


That makes much more sense, thanks!