How many people are on the Ladybug Tools forum?

In a paper I’m writing, I’d like to give some evidence (if there is any) that environmental simulation is increasingly being used in architectural design. As a proxy for this, are you able to share some stats about the forum? E.g.:

  • How many people are using the website/have an account?
  • How many posts/responses are there?
  • Ideally, how has this developed over time?
  • Any other metrics you think are significant/interesting?

It would be really interesting to find out how this is developing.


Hi @MaxMarschall,

You can use the public Discourse API to access information about the forum. If you refer to this bit of the documentation you will be able to get public user data.

From calling the first page it seems there are currently 827 users. Here’s an example request for the first page:

With regards to posts I am not sure if you mean a Post or a Topic. In Discourse, a Post is a single comment like the one I am writing just now. A Topic is something like this entire thread. For topics you can check out this piece of documentation. However you’ll notice it’s more difficult to retrieve everything from there (probably to avoid killing the forum by requesting too much data.

Have fun!

Hi @AntoineDao, I wasn’t aware of this, thanks for the info!

See site statics on this page:

You can see the number of topics: 3.4K, Posts: 23.2K and Users 2.3K

I can find some more specific numbers if I know what do you exactly need. I also wrote this post a couple of years ago which has some statistics. Ladybug Forum Analysis!