How to create a metal perforated radiance material with LBT

Oddly I re-analyzed and the bat command was correct with the black.mat text in the line22.
I corrected the rad. file and this is the new error

I zipped the GH with the internalized elements, the rad scene and the corrected text for edit later the radscene. Maybe this is easier to understand the problem.

Thanks for all

Good Morning @mikkel , I tried to create the blinds as simple surfaces (only one flat blind surface per window) to simplify the geometry, maybe that could be the problem, but it brings me the same error [fatal - unexpected EOF in header].
I now read your response to this post: Error when I create a Radiance custom material (HB+) - #2 by mikkel, couldn’t I use this type of script to give out the mixfunc perforated material and bypass the RadScene?

Thanks for @mikkel ! This method to construct the perforated is interesting! It can be seen that the component is working. But I have some confusion in control the number of perforation because of the parameter in the component. I can undestand the size is to control the the number of perforation of column and row, but it is may be lost my control. I want to control the number of perforation by two parameters including the number of column and the number of row. Such as these potho displaying,
column 20, row 1 radius 0.94

column 30, row 6 radius 0.31

column 60, row 4 radius 0.34

I try to modify the “” to achieve the requires. But it’s diffucult for me to read the code. So, I wish you can give me some advice to me in modifing the code.
Best grateful for you!

Hello Everyone and thanks for all these info,

Unfortunately, the analysis is not successful despite having saved the basic material and the perforated material in the HB modifier library.

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

P.S.: without the perforated material the simulation succeded. I have also specified the full path to as C:\Radiance\lib\ even if the file was in the LBT folder (C:\Users\luciano\ladybug_tools\Radiance\lib).