How to filter a mesh based on result

The example file contains the solar radiation simulation results of a group of points on building facade and the visualization of the facade mesh based on these results.

I want to use the following workflow to filter those meshes, or surface patches, based on certain threshold value.

However, the workflow massed up the order of the surface, or the order of the results, leading to a mismatch between patch and its respective result.

May I ask how to solve this issue related to the filtering and re-grouping of meshes?

Thank you!

filter mesh (1020 KB)

Hi Grasshope,

Is this what you’re looking for?

-Devang (932 KB)

Hi Grasshope,

I guess that this is what you meant. (1020 KB)

Dear Jacopo, thank you very much for your advice which is what I’m looking for!

Glad to learn about the way to construct mesh by faces and vertices as you pointed out and shown below.

Dear Devang, thanks to you, too! Apologize for not explaining my question clearly.

You are welcome, I’m glad I could help!

P.S. If you want to keep the colors of the irradiance map firm when adjusting the threshold value you can add a legend parameter connected with the bounds of your results. See file attached. (1020 KB)

Yes, Jacopo, noted with thanks, again!

I would suggest to use cullFace component. Here is an example.

Ah ha, the cullFace component is also very handy!

Thank you, Mostapha, for the suggestion!

Thank you Mostapha, looks smarter!

Maybe also the LB_MeshSelector?


Thank you very much, Abraham, for the suggestion!

The LB_MeshSelector component is quite versatile and flexible, and it can show the boundary lines for a list of threshold valules:

So, the 4 methods in the above suggestions are shown below: (1.01 MB)