How to integrate PV on a building model to calculate energy use?

I’m working on a project to calculate the energy use intensity (EUI) of a building using BIPV as a window. The problem here is that when I run the energy simulation, the EUI of the building didn’t change whether I use a normal glass window or BIPV. Can someone help me since i am a begineer? Thanks in advance!

hi @djordje sorry for tagging you, I hope you can help me with this problem, thanks in advance!

Hi @pokkisianturi ,
Which component are you using for calculation of BIPV?

I’m using this to calculate the energy consumption of the building

but I’m still not sure if I integrate the PV to the building correctly or not

that’s how I define my PV, but I think the software still thinks of it as a window surface rather than a PV surface

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mountType_=2 is used for BIPV panels.
Your second picture shows the amount of kWh that your BIPV surface generates, but you are not plugging in those results anywhere.

where should I plug it? (561.0 KB)

here’s the .gh file in case you need it, thanks!

Hi @pokkisianturi ,
I don’t know. I’ve never used EUI. My argument was: you can’t expect the PhotovoltaicsSurface component results to affect your calculation, if they are not plugged in somewhere.

Hi! Thanks for replying @djordje , I understand your argument, i also don’t understand where to connect the output of the energy that gets generated by the BIPV. Is there other way that you can recommend me to calculate energy consumption on buildings with BIPV? Thanks in advance!

Hi @pokkisianturi ,
@chris is the author of the EUI component. So maybe he can help with an advice whether “Photovoltaics Surface” component’s output in kWh can included in the EUI calculation.

hello @chris , sorry for tagging you, I hope you can help me with this problem, thanks in advance!

okay @djordje , i have another question, is there any possible way to know the heat of the BIPV surface? If so, what component should I use? Thanks again!

Hi @pokkisianturi ,
The cellTemperaturePerHour output shows the temperature of the Photovoltaics cell surface:


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Ahh i see, thank you @djordje !

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@pokkisianturi I don’t know if there is a way to plug in the data directly to the EUI calculator, however you can use the PV and EUI data to create a new EUI. See attached image for an example. Hopefully this helps.