I got a result address but no actual result csv file

Hi Guys …

I have that the simulation produced a .csv file … but unfortunately no actual file were produced …

and that was the report …

After hitting the boolean to True … the batch screen runs for just a glance …
the IDF file was generated but the failed for the csv one

Any solution?

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Hi @Ahmed_Jendeya,

Check your EPW File and destination path. You may need to load the epw weather file in a different path with no white_space and illegal character.

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Thanks @OmidmRashidi for your reply …

I am using a link referring to the weather site …
After your reply I have tried another link for another file but unfortunately I got the same problem!

What do you have entered for simulation outputs?

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Zone energy use
Zone comfort metrics
& surface temp analysis

upload your definition it might be easier to see what the problem is


Can you share your GH file? It will be more helpful to identify the issue !

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@FabianPosadas @MohammedAlshayeb
Here it is …
its a follow of one of @chris tutorials on YouTube

lesson 7.gh (602.1 KB)

It runs and I got the results without changing anything !!

You still have an error but that is related to non-convex surface. The error can be fixed by setting “0” to SolarDistribution under energySimPar.


You need to add energysimPar and change the solar distribution to 0. The model you are using has nonconvex surfaces which is creating a solar distribution error.

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you beat me to the punch by seconds. lol :wink:


@MohammedAlshayeb & @FabianPosadas
I did that but unfortunately the error stills!
This is so strange Mohammed … don’t no what to do if it is Okay in your side!

Thx anyway … and I am still trying to figure out …

but by the way … how can I discover that convexity problem?

To your main issue, sometime what you have to do is to reconnect the wire again or replace the component with a new one.

Regarding the non-convex, read this:

@MohammedAlshayeb thanks for you kind replys …

I will restart my lap and will try again … then back to you

and thanks for the details …

I got this warnings out from the Honeybee_Honeybee component …

Any suggestion to get them solved … I think this may holds the solution …

The solution is here:

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Thx @FabianPosadas … that solved every previous problems …

But another problem has appeared :frowning: … says:

It still the latest .gh file I have uploaded … and you told me that it worked correctly …

That is happening because you don’t have a value entered for max angle. Did you change it? the model you uploaded shows it at 45 degrees. But I saw that error when that input was removed.

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Hi @FabianPosadas
The angle still the same 45 degree … and that’s the thing which confuse!