Image Viewer Not showing results

Hi all,
It’s being a long time since I posted something here. I’m doing a Sda analysis sand before ruining the final analysis. I always do a visual check-up. But for a reason that I ignore LB Image Viewer is not showing the result. I’m able to see the image within Photoshop but not inside GH.
I can see in the folder that the .TIFF file created is only 1K while the HDR is 5.080KB.

I’ve also tried to do a .GIF but same problem Image Viewer is not showing anything and I get the 1. Solution exception: Parameter is not valid.

Any idea why?

Thank you all

After giving the Image Viewer a specific path to a temp HDR file it does show the image.
The other HDR files created by the analysis are just 1KB. Is this right?

Hi @Claudio,

Those files (HDR, TIF, GIF) with 1kb, or 0kb mean the camera based simulation doesn’t run correctly in Radiance, you might need to double check how you setup the simulation instead.


Thanks Mingo
But why is the temp.HDR file ok? I’ll post my définition when I get back to the office.

Hi, this is how I set up the simulation. I fail to see what’s wrong in it

I’ve also tested with a file from the Hydra website and it does the same thing. This is the website link,-223.2156397949576

Hi @Claudio, can you run the batch file that does the conversion from temp to final hdr and see what is the error message that you get? Also are you using the latest version of Radiance?

I do not have the latest version of Radiance. I’ll update it. But what batch file does the conversion. Can you explain it Abit more. Sorry for my ingnorance.

@mostapha Thank you so much for your help Updating to the latest Radiance does work!!!

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