Impact of weather on pollution | 2019-2020 weather data


I am doing a pollution analysis of certain cities in India. I would like to have weather data starting from Jan 2019 to April 2020. The analysis is being done to see the effect of weather elements on the concentration of various pollutants.

Can anybody recommend a source from where I can source the weather data??

Thank you.


This site has a lot of weather files

If you shorten the URL you can get anywhere in the world, I’m just sending you a link to go directly to India :slight_smile:

Edit: these may be older than what you want but maybe people have been uploading some? Otherwise I would contact universities or weather stations and ask if you can use their data. You’ll probably have to build the file yourself though


Hello @AnuragVerma
You can use dragon fly Amy generator to generate Actual mean weather file for a particular year.
You can download the data from here 2