Import gbXML doesn't import the sample files


Hello, Mostapha! I can not understand what I’m doing wrong. I just installed the plugin and opened all the sample files from this topic. And… nothing happens, no warnings but all results is “null”. I’ve got Rhino Version 5 SR14 and Grasshopper 0.9.0076

New Honeybee Component: Import gbXML

You should share a screenshot and the the output from readMe? Does it start to read the file?

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I completely reinstall all products.
Rhino 5 SR 14
Rhino 6
Grasshopper 0.9.0076
Ladybug 0.0.66 and Honeybee 0.0.63
Openstudio 2.7.0
Radiance 5.2
And finally the same result. On both rhino 5 and rhino 6.


What will happen if you remove _zoneNames input? Most likely your input name doesn’t exactly match the names in XML file.


The same. I feel that the problem is in some stupid and simle thing… but i have no idea


When I inserted this node everything worked… Soorrrry, i’m beginner))

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