Import WINDOW IDF Report Issue

I’m starting to figure out how the WINDOW software works. I don’t like how you can only search by ID and name though, but that’s for another forum.
Sorting by material thickness, I found a polycarbonate that I ran a report on, which wrote an .idfGlzSys_Convestro Makrolon 53.8mm_Bsdf.idf (997.3 KB)
and a .csvConvestro Makrolon 53.8mm.csv (200 Bytes)
I’m having trouble getting these into honeybee through Import WINDOW IDF Report.

As a side note, I’m not even sure this material is comparable to Okalux / Kalwall.

Hi @JimMarsh

If I understand your question correctly you want to perform an energy simulation using the attached BSDF idf file from LBNL Window.
-The manual approach to this is copying all the content of the BSDF idf into the main idf and changing the “construction name” of the desired fenestration objects to CFS_Glz_26005 (in this case).
-For an integrated approach follow this where a workflow will be ready soon: Assigning - Construction:ComplexFenestrationState to window

In there it is also stated the the WINDOW IDF REPORT can’t handle the content of the BSDF idf you have displayed.

If your want to perform daylight simulations using BSDF you need to look for the .xml files created by LBNL WINDOW.