Installing beta from github

Hi @chris,

Thanks for looking into this. I still have the same issue as @Jan. See the error trace-back below for the HB surf and annual daylight recipe components.

Thanks for letting me know @Jan and @anne_GA . I was able to recreate the issue in Rhino 5 but, again, I can confirm that updating to Rhino 6 will fix the issue.

The error that you get now in Rhino 5 is the result of code in the older honeybee radiance library, which @mostapha developed so I am assigning the issue to him.

Hi @anne_GA and sorry for the very late reply.

I cannot recreate the error locally on Rhino 5 which suggests updating Rhino should solve your problem. In any case I pushed a fix to honeybee repository which should also work with older versions of IronPython. Try updating again and the issue should be resolved.

Hi @mostapha,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve updated the components again and the error I had before has gone! However, I do still have the same scattered plot results as in this post: HB[+] Daylight Autonomy incorrect scattered results

I’m using Rhino 5.0 SR14. According to the checker in Rhino it’s the latest stable release.