Ironbug: Adding Multiple Demand Loops to Zones Error AND Missing Zone Equipment

I am having some issues with adding multiple Airloops on the demand side of the model. In learning from a similar post (linked here), I ensured an AirLoopBranche component is there to bridge between Zones and demand input of the Airloop component. I also checked the data structure to ensure equal number of paths for all inputs and outputs. Nevertheless, I was prompted “1. Solution exception:Failed to add all airloop demand components!”. Did I miss anything? gh file is attached for reference.

Separately, I noticed that under Zone Equipment tab in OS:ThermalZone:ZoneEquipment, an Air Terminal and Coil objects are modelled directly under. Do I need to add these objects to the Equipment input of the Thermal Zone component in additional to Air Terminal? I am asking because air terminal and coils are listed under zone equipment in OS.

If I do indeed need to use the said Air Terminal and CoilHtnElec to build a PT AirConditioner and add that to the Equipment input of the Thermal Zone, I noticed that PT AirConditioner _coilH input only accept HeatingCoilWater but not CoilHtnElec. Did I miss anything here?

Many many thanks! (94.6 KB)

Hi @zwang,

Both AirTerminal and ZoneEquipment are displayed under the “Zone Equipment” column in OpenStudio Application UI. One thermal zone can only have one AirTerminal, but it can have multiple other zone equipment.

I have updated the PTAC component to support the electric heating coil in the recent new version. You can download the new Pollination installer to update Ironbug.


Thank you so much for this!