IronBug Air Source Heat Pump

Hi @MingboPeng,
We can simulate an air source heat pump via the Honeybee DOAS HVAC Template and the result is a Plant Component with the Heat Pump defined via a program.

Hot_Water_Loop_Central_Air_Source_Heat_Pump_Init_Pgrm, !- Name
SET Loop_Exit_Temp = 48.8888888888889, !- Program Line 1
SET Loop_Delta_Temp = 11.1111111111111, !- Program Line 2
SET Cp = @CPHW Loop_Exit_Temp, !- Program Line 3
SET rho = @RhoH2O Loop_Exit_Temp, !- Program Line 4
SET Hot_Water_Loop_Central_Air_Source_Heat_Pump…

Can we do something similar with Ironbug and define Exit Temp, COP, Curves,… of the user defined Heat Pump?
Thank you

Hi @BestiaParda

It is likely a new component that OpenStudio hasn’t added an icon for it.
Could you attach the osm file for me to check it, and I can try to recreate it with Ironbug?

@MingboPeng here is the file:
in.osm (816.4 KB)

Thank you

Hi @BestiaParda, just wanted to keep you posted. I am still working on adding EMS to Ironbug, but it’s quite complicated which is one of reasons that OpenStudio App doesn’t support adding or editing EMS.

I am like 70% done here, will let you know once I have something working for you to test.

Thank you @MingboPeng for your time.
Let me know if you need data from a typical air source heat pump