Ironbug Beta Release


@Erikbeeren what version of OpenStudio are you using?
Currently I would suggest to use 2.5.0 for now.


I am using version 2.5.0. The problem is that a lot of icons don’t show up in Ironbug Grasshopper.
I am quit used to Grasshopper but I really don’t know what to do with all the documents in Ironbug-master folder.


I am not sure how you installed the plugin, did you follow the above installation steps?

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Thanks, reinstalling Ironbug helped. I did not use the folder C:\Ironbug to unzip the Ironbug plugin. After de-installing and reinstalling Ironbug is working now.


Here is an updated package with a few of bugs fixed, and please let me know if you find more. thanks.


20181216 update: (1.4 MB)

  1. Added Radiance value extraction in Ladybug_ImageViewer
  2. Fixed some display issues on 4k screen

Update from old version:

  1. Unlock the zip file.
  2. Unzip to override files in C:\Ironbug

New installation:
Check the first post.


Hi Mingbo, I downloaded your latest Ironbug release just this past week and followed the installation instructions exactly on two different machines (to rule out firewall as a problem), and I do not see any of the HVAC components in Grasshopper. Please see the attached screenshot. All I see is the Mingbo_Dev tab and the Honeybee Export to Openstudio component. Please advise, I’m happy to provide further info as needed.


Hi @Jabboud,

I am not sure where you downloaded the “lastest” version. Did you check this Ironbug Preview Release