Is EPW an aggregate of multiple years?

I don’t understand this, is a EPW file and aggregate/combinations of multiple years? And if so, then how accurate is it? (19.6 KB)

I was expecting that a downloaded EPW would contain data from multiple years, and I can extract it by year to get an historic overview. Or am I missing something?

Hi @crz_06
The EPW file represents a typical meteorological year (TMY), put together with data of different years.
This is done to have a better overall estimation of how the building is going to perform.
If you want to use actual meteorological years (AMY) you can generate them with the dragonfly plugin “DF create EPW”.
Sometimes for comparing real energy use or comfort questions this can be usefull.


Ah, I see. Is there like an equivalent of EPW Map to download such files for a specific year?

this NOAA import seems interesting

Hi @crz_06,

You can look on this forum. There is a lot of information on this subject. For exemple here: