Is it possible to update legacy workflows (e.g. version 0.0.68) to LBT components (e.g. version 1.1.0)?

Hi all,

I just installed version 1.1.0 of LBT.

Is there a convenient (i.e. automated) way to update legacy workflows (even partially) to the new components?

I have a huge number of workflows that are built using the legacy plugins (e.g. version 0.0.68 etc.)

I tried the “SyncGHfile” component (version 1.1.0) but it did not update any of the 0.0.68 components.

My conclusion is that there is no way to do this and i need to rebuild manually but i wanted to check with the hive mind before proceeding.


Hi @Octagon26
Your answer has already been given in this post.
But in general, you will have to do all updating completely manually.

Update LB legacy scripts to LB 1.1.0