Is Legacy better in the field of thermal comfort?

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I needed some advice. With a review of the components related to the thermal comfort area as well as a comparison between the Legacy version and LBT capabilities, I feel that the Legacy has more capabilities and has considered more variables. for example, I saw a simulation of PET in Legacy, but it did not exist in LBT.
In general, which one do you recommend for me to start thermal comfort? please consider I intend to do a professional simulation.
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For PMV, Adaptive and UTCI, I would say that LBT is better. It has more ways to customize these models and it also has a better implementation of the SolarCal model that accounts for shortwave solar irradiance falling onto occupants (for the MRT input of these models)

For thermal comfort mapping, it’s still a bit of a wash between Legacy and LBT until I can finish implementing a robust longwave MRT calculation in LBT. This should happen soon, at which point LBT thermal comfort mapping will be significantly better than Legacy.

For PET, we haven’t implemented it yet in LBT so Legacy is clearly better for that model.

For most of the other comfort models that you would get with the Legacy “Thermal Indices” component, they’re implemented in the ladybug_comfort SDK so you can make use of them with a line or two of Python in a GHPython component. I just haven’t figured out yet how I’d like to expose these models on Grasshopper components or if it’s better to just leave them on the SDK layer given that they are not as popular.


Thanks @chris for the complete answer. I am looking forward to the new version of LBT. And I guess it will be released in late December. Thank you for all your hard work.
I used SDK (For example: asv index) but there is an error in Python. Can you help me a little! (11.1 KB)

You need to remove the [doc] before each def on lines 5 and 35.

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Thanks @kentakahas , it was a point. Fixed an error, but the output is null. Do you know where the problem comes from? I really need this file.
Thanks in advance

Right now you’re only defining the functions and you now need to call it.

Add the following to the end to call the function:
asv = actual_sensation_vote(ta, ws, rh, sr)

Also as a side note, since this function is already defined in the Ladybug SDK, you do not need to re-define it and can simply import the function with:

from ladybug_comfort.asv import actual_sensation_vote, actual_sensation_vote_effect_category

and call the function as above.


thank you so much @kentakahas . it works perfectly :+1: