Issue creating floors from Bldg Geo

Hi, I’m fairly new to Dragonfly so I might be missing something here, but it shouild be possible to have a building consisting of floors with different shapes, right?

This is my script: (14.0 KB)

Expected outcome:

Actual outcome:

The top floor should be smaller; why isn’t it?

I’ve tried this, but then I don’t appear to have the perimeter offset option? (24.0 KB)

Hey @MaxMarschall ,

Welcome to the world of tolerance. You can definitely get your expected outcome there using the DF Building from Solid component but you need to make sure that the floor is getting sliced at a height above where the floor plan changes. You can do this by tweaking your geometry or you could use a list of floor heights like the following, which will move the floor up by 2 cm so that it intersects in the part of the geometry that you want:


Hope that helps.