Issue with ContourMesh

Hallo Guys!!

I have one issue with the ContourMesh component, after I analyze a Daylight Factor.

Set an Example:

In the first picture the result out from reColourMesh, in the second is the same result out from ContourMesh (counterType:Colored Regions+LabeledLines).

Unfortunately, not all regions are displayed.
The Low and the High Bound are the same for the 2 Pictures.

I also found this problem with other projects.

Another question, the resolution from the analyse out from reColourMesh it only depends from the grid size (genTestpts)??

Thanks in advance

Yes. You can see the mesh and the test points/sensors when you use genTestPts. The denser the mesh the more test point and the longer your simulation will take.

Thanks Sir Mostapha,

about my first request, does not have a solution?

Can you provide screenshot of your inputs to the component or internalize the results and share the file? It’s hard to guess without being able to reproduce the problem. Also are you using the latest release. I remember that there was a number of similar discussions on GitHub after the previous release.

The contour mesh component has an output named underlayMesh. Check if it outputs some mesh. When the component fails to create a perfect intersection, it uses the underlying analysis mesh. If you have turned preview off for the contour mesh component and using a mesh component to visualize the mesh, then connect the output from the underlayMesh to the mesh component. That should fill the gap that you’re concerned about.

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I have updated all the components, but the result has remained unchanged.

I attach the 2 Files:
TEST_DF_Modell.3dm (765.4 KB) (602.3 KB)

Sorry for the trouble.

It is as I suspected. See the result when I plug the underlayMesh.

if you are looking for a 3D contour mesh then do the following;

Thanks mr Devang,

Sorry, but this is my result out from UnderlayMesh, and don´t show the colored region

you need to connect BOTH meshes to the geometry.
If you check the underlayMesh output, it says:
A mesh that is colored face-by-face (like a typical Ladybug mesh), which is plaed under the contour mesh to make the visualization read when the Rhino intersection fails to produce a complete contourMesh.