Issue with results from 'Real time radiation Analysis' and grid size

Dear All,

I’m having some troubles with the Ladybug component ‘real time radiation analysis’. I have created two geometries: a more complicated geometry (as a list of meshes) and a simple one as a brep.

My first problem is that, even though I set the same gridSize, there are much more test points for the complicated geometry (see picture) which leads to a quite high computation time. Why is that? Did I not understand the concept of GridSize? (Both geometries have approximately the same area).

Second: After summing up all the values from the radiationResult from the ‘real time radiation analysis’ I end up having different results that the totalRadiation from the ‘Radiation analysis’ component, for the complicated geometry! For the simple geometry, it works well. (see second picture). I can’t understand it. Is it a bug?

I’m uploading the file as well if you want a closer look. I’m enabling all the components. Be aware when using it that it takes a bit of time to calculate.

Any help is very much appreciated, thank’s ! (111.7 KB)


See this:

For comparison you have to multiply the values with face area. The total radiation is kWh not kWh/m2. See here:

Great thank you!
I wasn’t aware that the component was treating brep and mesh input differently!
I also found that now (maybe it can help other people):
“When you connect up breps, the component uses the _gridSize input to mesh the geometry based on that grid size but, if you input a mesh, the component will use the existing faces of that mesh and perform radiation analysis on each one of those faces.” (