Issues with creating trombe wall

hi everyone,
I’ve been trying to model a Trombe Wall in a cold climate zone for a few months. I have tried some different ways to make a correct model,but the answers weren’t reasonable. the factor that was so effective,was the thickness of the cavity’s the best situation(between 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm thicknesses) the answer was more closer
to my expectation,but again there were some results,specially in Cooling,that were far from the real,during the summer,cooling by creating the Trombe Wall was less than in the room without existing Trombe Wall which is a bit unusual.
I am not sure that the problem is related to modeling or setting materials.i would be thankful if everyone could help me.(unfortunately I can’t upload my file here.there is a message:new users can not upload attachments)

best regards


Hi @Mahin,
I think these two links below may help you.

Thank you,but i’ve read them before.the problem is room’s wall overlaps sunspace’s wall.i considered one of them as an air wall.but the result was not ok.during summer the amount of cooling in trombe wall was less than the current room.
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