JSON upgrade/update

I have .JSON in version 1.40.0.
Is there any possibility to upgrade this JSON to the newest version, without constructing this model from the begining?


@K3nQ ,

Yes, you can do this if it is a HBJSON of a Honeybee Model and not a generic JSON of a random Honeybee object.

Right now, you can do this from command line by installing the core libraries by installing Python and then the LBT core libraries with:

pip install lbt-dragonfly -U

Then, this command can update your HBJSON to the latest version:

honeybee-schema update-model [PATH TO MODEL HBJSON]

I can also wrap this command into a Grasshopper component if you are unfamiliar with running stuff from command line. Just confirm if the JSON you are upgrading is a Model and I’m happy to add a new component to the development version.

FYI, you can also see a record of the schema versions that involved breaking changes here:

I made a bunch in the last month as I was trying to get the last big changes fixed before we launch plugins for other CAD environments. Now that they are done, we shouldn’t have any big breaking changes in the future without deprecation warnings.

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Thank You for reply.
Yes it is a model.

I think this compononent in Grasshopper will be usefull :slight_smile:

The component has been added to the “3::Serialize” tab of the latest development version of the plugin:

You can see that it gives you a report of all of the breaking changes through which the model has been updated.

You can get the new component using the “LB Versioner” and it will be included in the next stable release.


Thank You so much :slight_smile: