Ladybug Installation problems



Hi AmirAli,

Good to see you here. What is exactly the error on your system? Can you share a screenshot?




I fixed it by simply moving to PC:)

There is no exact error. All components have run-time errors prior to using in any definition. While I already have python interpreter installed, it is like a missing of GHpython files.



And proud to say that I am now using your Bug! in my current workshop. students try to genetically optimize the shape of housing neighbourhoods by evaluating environmental factors. I will write you a report! later.


Dear Mostapha,

I still have the same problem … even unblocking my GHphyton and reinstalling it… what should I do? how can I completely uninstall the ladybug and reinstall it?


Salam. Wonderful! Keep me posted about the results.


You don’t need to re-install Ladybug and Honeybee. The error shows that GHPython is not installed correctly. How do you know that GHPython is installed correctly? Can you drop a GHPython component to canvas with no issues?


Thank you for your reply , Yeah when I drop it , it doesn’t make any changes but when I want to use the ladybug parameters the same error message appeared. an when I opened the file that you’d suggested to Mehrnoush (TestGHPhyton) this it sends me this error


Looks like you’re using and old version of Grasshopper, and/or GHPython. Updating to the latest versions should solve the issue.


wow Thanks Mostapha it worked ! thanks a lot , just in new lady-bug some parameters are different isn’t it? for example in “sun path” component we don’t have latitude,longitude, time zone …


great it works again, Thx!!!



hallo Mostapha,

I am not sure what happened, but the problem appeared when i installed Millipede…i faced the same issues as mentioned here in this discussion, i solved them somehow but still having one issue. in the attached file is a screenhot. can IES file create a problem when creating image?

thx in advance!



ahhhh, no worries, i just figured it out…

sorry for any inconvenience.




That worked for me too.

I coundn´t make it work with ghpython


That is likely due to an old Rhino SR. Please update, if you can.


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates


Hi all,

I have a small problem with LB&HB, my PC is running lastest Rhino & grasshopper version, python script (0.6.3) work as well. My LadyBug run for the first time as well also, but after I close Rhino and GH, when I open again I can not see any component of LadyBug as you see above.

Someone pls help!


Hi Steve, As far as I understand Grasshopper is not loading Ladybug userobjects. This is more of a Grasshopper issue and Giulio or David should know the answer. Giulio is on this discussion so I believe he will get back to you about this soon.


I’ve seen similar issues with outdated versions of Rhino. Can you really make sure that you have a recent SR: the last one is Rhino 5 SR 2015-2-26?

(go to Help -> About Rhinoceros to check)



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates


Hi all,

Thank you for quick reply, I am 100% for sure that my version is the latest one.

Pls let me know how to fix it.

Thank you for your great support!


Thanks Steve, OK, then we can rule out that part.

If you open the attached file, do you read “Python works”? (2.94 KB)


Hi Giulio,

It works well here!!