Ladybug Rainfall component

Hi all,

I am trying to use the ladybug Rainfall component from this forum Rainfall Data Component, but there is some error. I think there might be an issue with the website sourcing the data. Possibly after a website update, the instructions needed to obtain the data are different and credentials appear necessary to retrieve data. This may require further coding to update the component (2017).
Does anybody have some advice or any idea how can I proceed?

Thank you!

Hi Amanda,

I did assemble that component some time ago - however, the stability of the data source is not very reliable and it is often down. I´m not sure whether the server itself will be fixed or not but I think that one of the ambitions for Dragonfly was regarding rainfall data.

I can´t really say if there is an alternative solution by now, unless the server becomes more stable.


Hi Rafael,

Thank you for the quick answer!

Unfortunately, I think this function will only be available in Dragonfly for further releases.

Do you have any idea of a possible alternative solution?

Thank you again for the help!

Hi Amanda,

Running a quick check through the forum I´ve found some more info here and here.

Hope it helps!

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Any update on the advancement of the implementation of rainfall in the simulations ?

(sorry @chris if I seem to be spamming about EPW downloader in the last few days…)

@Alakelele - if you download EPW file via this downloader, the rainfall column is filled with data from ERA5 reanalysis (total precipitation minus snowfall to get just the rainfall component). Feel free to try and let me know if you have any comments - this app was published recently and I’m looking to get more feedback. Users can download about 5 AMY EPW files per month for free.

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Thank you for your input but I have tried Paris, Chicago and Boston and the quality of data is low, there is no radiation data and no rainfall for those (which are pretty big) there must be a better way

That doesn’t sound right - can you please upload the files you downloaded for me to check? You can also email them to me at