Ladybug Tools 1.3.0 Image Viewer

Hello everyone,
I have installed LB 1.3 and I I was going through the sample files. Grasshopper shows that LB Image Viewer is not installed.

I found this older post that had the same issue. I downloaded the LB legacy components from the forum post and dropped to GH canvas. Image viewer in latest LB release - #5 by minggangyin

This version of LB image viewer works with GIFs, but not with HDRs as it is shown to do in the post of the new release Ladybug Tools for Grasshopper 1.3.0 Release

It´s not a relevant issue, but I was curious.

Hi @arlind.dervishaj ,

We moved the Image Viewer component from Legacy to the LBT plugin with the 1.3.0 release. The that comes with Food4Rhino can install the updated Image Viewer if you have never installed it before. However, Grasshopper does not allow you to delete/overwrite .gha files while Rhino/Grasshopper is open. So, in order to get the new Image Viewer, you have to close Rhino/Grasshopper and delete all of the files and folders related to Ironbug/Ladybug Tools at:


Then, you can either re-run the second component that’s in the or you can run the LB Versioner and this will install the new image viewer.

Thank you very much @chris !
I downloaded again the latest file of LB 1.3 from food4rhino and followed your instructions.

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Hi @arlind.dervishaj, please let us know if the newer ImageViewer works with HDR.

Hi Mingbo,
Yes, I tested it right away and it worked with HDRs. The LB 1.3 has also the FalseStartToggle which was a nice addition.

I had installed LB 1.3 in early september and then followed the instructions of Chris. In Food4rhino it showed a more recent date for LB 1.3 (14 September) and used that file this second time for installation. Maybe it had something to do.


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Hi @arlind.dervishaj

Please see attached quickfix to avoid dependency from the FalseToggle as an embedded c# script component.

Edited script to fix a bug: (5.6 KB)


Thanks for sharing @Mathiassn
This is what in italian is called “l’imbarazzo della scelta” (plenty of choice)