Ladybug tools 1.3 installation errors "Failed to import Ladybug_rhino : Cannot import name recommended processor count"

Hello all,
I’ve been struggling a bit now to properly install Ladybug tools. Started with LBT 1.1 and with no luck on that went to install LBT 1.3. I’ve previously installed and have been using LBT since a very long time but this issue has just risen in my new laptop (its not an organization laptop its my own Personal computer and with administrator rights). Dont know why this is happening. I’ll be really grateful if someone can guide me looking at the error what can be done.

You are using LBT 1.3.0 components wile still having the old LBT core libraries installed. I recommend running the that comes with the Food4Rhino download of LBT 1.3, restart Rhino, and then run the

Hi @chris im sorry to keep bothering with this but there seems to be funny things happening with me during installation. I did what you recommended, ran the uninstaller, restarted Rhino and then again ran the installer and now this error is coming. Please help, ill be really grateful. Thanks.

Hello all,
I was able to solve this error.

  1. The error “File is not a zip file” was probably due to a poor internet connection. The same problem was asked and addressed here, incase anyone lands into the same soup.
  2. My original problem of “Failed to import ladybug_rhino: Cannot import name recommended_processor_count” was not getting solved even after Uninstalling and reinstalling. What turned out was- I reinstalled Rhino with “Run as administrator” and instead of installing it in C:\Program Files\Rhino 6 I installed it in C:\Rhino 6. Now this doesnt seem to be a proper solution and Im not sure why it happened this time, but this technique worked for me. It’s sort of a fix but worked for me. Anyway thanks @chris for guiding and hinting me in the right direction.
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Hi @Anmol23 , nice that you solved your own problem.
Its good to see an old mate here.
I insist you to be active/help on the forum and bring some of your ironbug and detail HVAC modelling expertise to the table.

Sure @maheshjayayachander I’ll be more active on the forum and share as much as I can!