Ladybug tools - CaptureView failed to import

I get a very annoying problem with LB CaptureView.

  1. Solution exception:
    Failed to import ladybug_rhino:
    Cannot import name bring_to_front

It seems like this is the only component i have any problems with. I have followed a lot of similar problems and tried the different solutions.

  1. First of i have run the “set_python_path” with Rhino closed.
  2. I have followed the manual solution of this post: How to Manually Add Ladybug Tools to the Rhino Python Path
  3. I’ve made sure that there is no spaces in the path.
  4. I have reinstalled ladybug tools

I simply cannot find anything that doesn’t align with a sample of “Correct Installation” of the ladybug_tools.
Hopefully someone can help me.

  1. Download the files from here
  2. create a folder named “ladybug_rhino” at path “C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages” if the folder does not exist.
  3. Paste the downloaded files in the folder above.

Let us know if this works.

If you have fully reinstalled LBT 1.1.0 from Food4Rhino and you are sure that the installer components were version 1.1.0 (and not an earlier one), then you could have another copy of ladybug_rhino on your machine that’s interfering with loading the correct one. Make sure that this folder is completely clear of any ladybug_rhino folders:


Hi @chris ,

I have same issue on my new pc … Installed newest from food4rhino, restarted rhino and now I see the failed to import ladybug_rhino library.

I don’t have any ladybug_rhino folders in


I’m running rhino 7.

@Mathiassn ,

Does the issue only affect the CaptureView component or are all of your components failing to import the core libraries and turning red?