LB 1.2.0 Availability Schedules - Honeybee

Hi all,
This might be a silly question, but how do you implement availability schedules for heating/cooling in LB 1.2.0? I am currently only looking at a week or so and am negotiating this issue with high set points, but would like to use an availability schedule rather than a setpoint schedule.

Check the SeasonalSchedule component.

Good idea, though, at what point in the process can we apply an ON-OFF schedule to HVAC availability, it seems to me that all HVAC schedules only accept Temperature schedules.

@jgbrear with DOAS systems you have the ability to put an ON-OFF schedule.


@Erikbeeren I just checked this out–it only curtails the DOAS system not the cooling system (in my case VRF). Any other ideas?

There’s a way to do it for Ideal Air Systems on the SDK layer:

But all of the HVAC templates are so different from one another that there was no straightforward way to implement a heating/cooling availability schedule that worked across all of them. I recommend just setting back the room setpoints to an extreme value and that will give you the same effect as the availability schedule.

Awesome, thanks @chris!

hi @chris , may I ask how to implement this to HB model in LBT