LB Analysis Period with leap year

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I intend to run LB Incident Radiation using LB Analysis Period for a leap year, for instance 2020. I have modified component in the LB Analysis Period by adding a commond “leap_year=True” according to previous post. Sunpath for leap years - #2 by mostapha. However, I’m facing a error “1. Solution exception:init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘leap_year_’”. Any idea to solve this issue? Thank you.
Analysis period for leap (41.9 KB)

Hi @Thum,

Looking at the sdk the naming should be is_leap_year=False

class ladybug.analysisperiod.AnalysisPeriod(st_month=1, st_day=1, st_hour=0, end_month=12, end_day=31, end_hour=23, timestep=1, is_leap_year=False)


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Hi @charlie.brooker,

Thank you very much for your insight. The “is” is missing in my script. Now, the LB Analysis Period component for a leap year is working. :slight_smile:


Analysis period for leap (42.6 KB)

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