LB and HB failed to import honeybee_radiance


I received this error after installing ladybug via pollination. Radiance is installed at C:\Radiance from the compatibility matrix and have Radiance in my system Path as well. Using Rhino 7

As a test, I installed LB via Pollination and Radiance on a fresh laptop, and it worked perfectly. Wondering what might be at issue to cause this error.

I have gone through the steps from these past post, but was not able to solve the issue.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be the issue here?

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Although my SkyMatrix Component is working , My LB Incident Radiation Component stopped working with the error 1. Solution exception:name ‘legend_par_’ is not defined [SOLVED]

Hi @bcuffy and @Falconloverslover ,

Have you tried to update your core libraries with LB Versioner? Do not add a version when updating - it will find the latest version automatically.

@mikkel I tried that but then got this error. It seems that some of the ladybug components work, but some do not.

Apologies @mikkel l it seems like my issue was purely user error and not related to this post, solved now.

Hope you resolve your issue @bcuffy

I am still new and not the best person to solve this but i would honestly try uninstall all LB tools and folders (make sure in program files) and then reinstall it again, It did help me on a separate issue when i had clashes in component ID’s when loading grasshopper, i accidentally had two installations of LB in 2 different locations on my pc)