LB-Clothing by temperature missing in LB-1.4.0

I have Rhino 7 and Ladybug 1.4.0. When trying to do the comfort modeling, I found out that the LB-Clothing by temperature component was missing. Any leads on this?

Hi,@Omprakash, you can fix the problem by updating the LBT version.

Ya. Thanks, @omen. But I almost did everything with Ladybug 1.4.0 and do not want to update immediately for this reason since it would also require a change in OpenStudio versions. Is any workaround suggested? I tried to couple Ladybug_clothing_function (VER 0.0.69) with LB PMV Comfort (1.4.0). But need some debugging. The (526.4 KB)
Grasshopper file is attached.

Hi, @Omprakash
I personally think the best solution is still to update the software, LBT has just updated version 1.6 on the 14th and provides a free click installer, and you can use this component after installing the new version, and you can update the program components you build from version 1.4 to 1.6 with one click- Sync Grasshopper File.

If you’re installing on Windows, you can get the new release by downloading and running the FREE SINGLE-CLICK INSTALLER . All that you have to do is create an account on our Pollination platform and you can download the free Pollination Grasshopper installer , which comes complete with a copy of the latest version of Ladybug Tools. It also includes a compatible copy of Radiance and OpenStudio, which are installed in a manner so that they won’t interfere with other versions of these engines that you may have on your system.

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If you need, I can update the software for you remotely, for free of course. :grinning:

Wow! This is great. I will try to follow the instructions and will contact @omen if I need any support. Much thanks.