LB HB 1.5 daylight/radiance, DirectSky, TotalSky error

Hello all,

I am writing to ask about a possible cause of the HB daylight simulation not working.
I am getting a following error (the script ran here works well on another desktop so it is not the issue of geometry)

*.log file:

The ladybug was installed via the pollination installer. Reinstall of rhino and ladybug did not help.
Some other radiance based components work, but neither AnnualDaylight nor Irradiance don’t.

I would really appreciate any help.
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @Aleksander.Mastalski

Do you have white spaces in your file paths? Or maybe you can solve your issue here this similar topic.

Hi @S_hertz

I did check those threads, the solution I found there did not help, what I figured out was much simpler.

The issue was caused by the antivirus bitdefender as it recognized one of the radiance executibles as malware and quarantined it.

Creating an exception and putting the file [rfluxmtx.exe] back in the folder solved the problem.


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