LB Incident radiation - solution exception: Attempted to divide by zero


I keep having this error even after uninstalling/re-installing LBT 1.4 several times, synchronizing gh file etc.
I also have an error with the “LB sky dome component” => max () arg is an empty sequence.
Note I always work with model units “meters” and that all the other components for LB, HB and HB- radiance and HB- energy are working well.
Has anyone had this issue before? How can I fix this?


Hey @ffotsing ,

This appears to be the same issue that a user had here:

Can you let us know the following:

  1. What is the version of Radiance that you see coming out of the HB Check Versions component?

  2. Are you on Mac or Windows operating system?

Hey @chris,

Thanks for the prompt respond. I am using windows OS but I had the Radiance version 5.0.a.12 installed (default version that comes with Openstudio 3.3.0) instead of the 5.4a version.

Now all is working well. Thanks

Thank you very much for confirming this, @ffotsing . I didn’t realize that some of the very old versions of Radiance released by NREL do not have certain functions that we’ve been using to check the version. I just pushed an update to the development version of the plugin that will work around this case:

Now, in the soon-to-be-released LBT 1.5, people should get a clear message telling them that their version of Radiance is too old to be used with Ladybug Tools:

Thanks again for reporting the issue and testing everything.