LB Radiance Modifiers library

Hi, I’m César Morales. I’m doing my bachelor thesis about dinamic facades.
I’m preparing an analysis of the usable daylight hours on the interior of a building, but i need the properties of the materials. I’ve been working with values from:
Is there any other library of materials were I can take the values of Roughness, Specularity and Reflectance of different building materials?

I’ll probably need these values for:
-Opaque, green-coated, metal structure.
-White drywall
-Green drywall
-Matt, grey, ceramic tiles (flooring)
-Matt, green, ceramic tiles (flooring)

Thank you very much.
Pd: It’s my first post here, so ask freely if any aditional information is needed.

You probably can try this one.

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Super helpful!! Thank you very much