LB radiation analysis result to hourly

Hi there
I am new to LB
I Have got output for radiation anaylsis for solar potential on building roof.
I am trying to see the hourly result

I have looked up old forums but had trouble figuring out.
I have set HOY , tried apply analysis period but seem to not work for me…

I would really appreciate the help,

Thanks (503.0 KB)

That Ladybug Radiation component is only designed to give cumulative radiation and it’s not going to give you hourly radiation unless you want to look at a specific hour, in which case you can plug an HOY into the sky matrix component.

If you want radiation for every hour of the year falling on an unobstructed surface, you can use the LB Directional Solar Irradiance component and that should be relatively fast and straighforward. Otherwise, if you need to account for context shade, you’ll have to run a more advanced study with Honeybee using the Annual Irradiance recipe.

Hi, Chris

So I have tried annual irradiance, I refered to another discourse and came to set up this script.
I am trying to see the hourly radiation on Roof surface only for multiple buildings
( the brep in the capture is connected to module that selects roof only).

I was wondering if this is the right way to approach, do you suggest any other module?

Thank you so much for your help.

Hi @chris ,

I am trying to do the same: I need to output the hourly solar radiation hitting some buildings’ roofs throughout the year. I am trying to follow your advice here and use the Annual Radiation component, I have used your script from this link but I get an error saying ‘1. Solution exception:Recipe “annual_radiation” is not installed.’ I believe I have Radiance installed on my machine. Can you think of any other reasons why this is not working?
Attached my script.
Thank you. (45.6 KB)
Test.3dm (59.2 KB)

Hi @linkimim ,

Yes, that’s the right way to do it. And you can parse in the hourly irradiance results to data collections using the HB Annual Results To Data component. ,

It looks like you have an old version of the plugin installed. I recommend uninstalling your plugin installing the latest version. There are some brief instructions for this at the top of the last release notes.

Thanks @chris , I think it’s working now! (41.4 KB)

Hi @chris , I have applied this script to a group of roofs in a development and it does run, however I have a few questions:

  1. The model seems to simulate only 4397 hours out of 8760. Any idea why it does this happening?

  2. How would you suggest to build the sensor grid for this case? If I set it to 1 m distance I get an awfully high number of sensors and I am not sure it is the best way. I am only interested in the overall energy for the whole development at every hour of the year.

  3. Is it ok to have a dummy box as the HB model and run the analysis on totally unrelated surfaces?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! (527.0 KB)
Test_2.3dm (705.3 KB)

We only simulate the hours where the sun is out, which is much faster than simulating all 8760 of them and the nighttime hours wouldn’t have any irradiance anyway.

Use your judgement. You just need a fine enough grid size to resolve the effects of context shade.

Sure but, if you are not intersted in accounting for the effects of any context shade, it will be much faster to use the LB Directional Solar Irradiance component.