LBT to PHPP Data conversion failed from Guid to Brep

Hi all,

working with @edpmay 's great LBT to PHPP plugin I came across this notice.

The LBT2PH Shading Dimensions component works without problems
until I try to run it with shading surfaces plugged in. I tried different shapes and positions in the scene, but the error message appears in any case when I run the solver.

  1. Brep | Curve: input 1 brep. error: Data conversion failed from Guid to Brep

I also tried the updated components from Github but it didn’t help

Does anyone have an idea how this one might be solved?

Hi @Martin6 ,

Glad that the PHPP plugin is mostly working for you - and sorry for the trouble there. I’ll look into a more ‘automatic’ fix in the future, but for now the easiest thing to do seems to be to pass your shading geometry through a GUID component, so that the GUID comes in properly for the surface. I’m not sure yet why it isn’t converting it properly already, but I’ll look into it. Either way - it should work if you just pass in GUIDs instead of geometry. So like:

Let me know if that still doesn’t work for you though?


Hi @edpmay

Your solution worked just perfect. Now the geometry is recognized.

Thank you