Legacy - OS 3.0.1 - E+ 9.3 - WindowProperty:ShadingControl is not a valid Object Type

In the process of moving to the LadybugTools[+] i installed OS3.0.1. I uninstalled my previous OS (2.8) being confident that everything will work fine with the Legacy versions of the files i use. Silly me.
In this previous topic, a very similar issue was solved.
The issue now is that the object written to the IDF is not recognized and the simulation fails.
The IDF writes an object type “WindowProperty:ShadingControl” that was recognized in the OS i had but not in the new one. I believe the new one uses “WindowShadingControl”.
Attached a very simple example file showing the issue. Also attached the IDF and err file, just in case.
Any help will be appreciated, since now i’m kind of stuck.


in.err (1.0 KB)
in.idf (99.1 KB)
Try_OS3.0.1.gh (576.5 KB)

Thank you for findiing this bug, @AbrahamYezioro . This was a pretty big one here and I just pushed a fix:

This one is big enough that I might try to update the component in the Food4Rhino release. If I end up going this route, you will be able to identify the fixed component by its date (JUL 12 2020)

And here is a fixed version of your Grasshopper file:
Try_OS3.0.1_CWM.gh (579.5 KB)

Charm, charm, charm.
Thanks @chris!!
Working fine. I was worried and frightened this was a really big one to deal quickly.